Utility Services

An industry leader since 1913, our Utility Services line of business has the knowledge and experience to complete virtually any project. From providing Extra High Voltage (EHV) live line maintenance to underground transmission construction services, we provide highly skilled field expertise to meet your needs with projects of any size and scope.

We have developed a highly effective Quality Assurance & Control Program with comprehensive validation procedures at its core. Our continued commitment to quality provides our customers with authenticated third-party inspections and peer checks.

We adhere to the highest standards for safety and it’s the driving force behind leadership, planning, education, Human Performance (HuP) principles and safety expertise for every I.B. Abel line of business. Our field leadership sets the example by using human performance tools and continually reinforcing our safety values.

But what really differentiates us from the competition is our ability to listen and provide solutions, unwavering commitment to transparency, and continual flow of accurate information to project stakeholders.

Our ultimate goal is to master the delicate balance between safety, quality, and cost efficiency in our service to the utility market.

We specialize in these Utility Services:

  • Emergency Overhead and Underground Services
  • Storm Restoration Services
  • Overhead Distribution Construction
  • Extra High Voltage (EHV) Live Line Maintenance
  • Primary Network Cable Installation and Removal
  • Highway and Bridge Lighting Construction and Repair
  • Complete Substation Services
  • Electronic and Physical Security Solutions

Locations served:

  • Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Northeast Region
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Our full scope of Utility Services

Transmission and Distribution Services:

  • Emergency Overhead and Underground Services
  • Storm Restoration Service
  • Overhead Distribution Construction, Maintenance and Make-Ready
  • Overhead Transmission Construction and Extra High Voltage (EHV) Live Line Maintenance
  • Underground Transmission Construction and Maintenance (138 kV)
  • Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Primary Network Cable Installation and Removal
  • Primary, Street Light and URD Cable Fault Locating and Repair
  • Conduit and Manhole Construction, Maintenance and Repair
  • Highway and Bridge Lighting Construction and Repair

Substation Services:

  • Turnkey solutions – Substation Engineer Procure Construct (EPC), Construction and Maintenance
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Facility Enhancement Programs
  • Renovation
  • Component Replacement, Repair, & Maintenance – breakers, transformers, switches, relays, etc.
  • Substation Expansion – new line terminals, transformers, bus extensions
  • Greenfield substation 4kv – 500kv
  • Brownfield substation 4kv – 500kv
  • Oil Containment Installations
  • Substation Steel Replacement & Construction
  • GIS Installation
  • Low Tension Network Construction
  • Substation Security
  • Service and Maintenance agreements available for all systems

Electronic and Physical Security Services:

  • Electronic
    • Controlling Access
    • Enterprise Card Access
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Credentialing
    • Video Surveillance
    • Camera Installation, Integration and Burn-in Assistance
    • Database Integrations
  • Physical Security
    • Outside plant Splicing
    • OPGW
    • ADSS
    • Overhead or underground
    • BICSI Certified Installers