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Utility Line of Business Brings Back the Power After Storms

When severe storms topple poles and lines, I.B. Abel’s Utility Services line of business has employees ready 24 hours a day to reconnect communities to the power grid. I.B. Abel has done storm restoration work for the last 12 years, in June, it created an entire subgroup within its Utility division focused solely on post-storm recovery.

Communications Division adapts quickly as technology constantly evolves

I.B. Abel’s Communications Services’ line of business has been working with cutting-edge technology for decades, so the division was poised to jump in and help those impacted companies keep working by rebuilding and boosting cell towers across the country.

Streamlining Our Processes to Boost Efficiency and Productivity

For I.B. Abel’s Electrical Services line of business, streamlining how the department operates and expanding its reach and capabilities have been critical to its success.

From Design to Construction: How Our Engineering Team Provides Turnkey Solutions

 As a part of I.B. Abel’s commitment to being a turnkey solution provider, we’ve built seven lines of business that address the electrical challenges our customers face. This approach ensures a streamlined and hassle-free experience. Our engineering department provides complete electrical engineering solutions for customers, from high voltage substation design to low voltage building design. Our other capabilities include [...]

Safety Above All: How I.B. Abel Keeps Employees and Customers Safe

Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe. These are the three key phrases we empower each I.B. Abel team member to work by. Every day, we work to ensure our employees are safe on the job and understand how to prevent incidents and injuries from occurring. To ensure consistent safety protocols are met on every job site, I.B. Abel’s Safety [...]

How I.B. Abel’s Geographic Expansion Helps Us Serve More Customers

At I.B. Abel, our growth is a direct result of our ability to meet customers where they are and solve their problems in a timely, efficient and responsible manner. As an electrical contractor of choice, we take pride in our employees’ professionalism and ability to complete projects that exceed our customer’s expectations for schedule, quality and price.  Our main [...]

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