Wastewater treatment plants, quarries, food manufacturing facilities, shipping depots, and more – these vast and highly automated infrastructure and commercial enterprises are “always on” to keep our world supplied with everything we need, and downtime for equipment failures can be catastrophic.

I.B. Abel’s dynamic and experienced Automation Services team understands how critical a responsive approach to electrical control work and automation troubleshooting can be for these hardworking industries. Our dedication to adding value through all project phases and for every client partner has had a key role in solidifying our reputation as a leader in end-to-end automation solutions, from system design and automation engineering services to ongoing automation management services and maintenance. But that’s not all. Our experienced team’s continuous commitment to safety and quality also provides immeasurable peace of mind for operators and business leaders.

“Clients often say, ‘Can you get someone out here today?’ We do everything possible to ensure we can respond quickly and view ourselves as problem solvers and troubleshooters that keep safety at the forefront of everything we do. We know that, in addition to the high-quality work and excellent experience we guarantee clients, the capability to get to their facilities so urgently adds value to how we deliver electrical construction services.”

– Ben M., I.B. Abel Automation Account Manager (formerly Automation Technician for 17 years)

Whether your facility is in need of control room upgrades to optimize manufacturing automation capabilities or you need control system troubleshooting assistance as soon as possible, the I.B. Abel Automation Team is ready to respond. Our Automation Technicians also specialize in process optimization, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) maintenance, identifying comprehensive solutions and delivering turnkey services for mechanical, software, and firmware malfunctions, and more.

Partner Industry Spotlight: Automation Management for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Evaluating how water treatment plants operate is a useful way to illustrate how automation management services can benefit many types of industrial facilities that operate and monitor complex equipment from within a control room.

What Does Wastewater Treatment Plant Automation Look Like?

Wastewater treatment facilities are essentially enormous and sophisticated multi-stage filters that move contaminated water through various pumps, tanks, and chambers so it can be efficiently cleaned and returned to safe usage.

Automation is employed to control flow rates and measure crucial data points such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen in the water, and chemical content, for example. Monitoring of environmental emissions is another area where automation plays a vital role in the operations of these facilities. This technical article from Control Automation gives a broad overview of all the processing steps involved in wastewater treatment, the majority of which are fully automated in most modern facilities.

The Value an Experienced Automation Services Partner Brings

Because automation is dependent on computer systems and electrical controls, there is always a risk of equipment malfunctions and breakdowns. All systems have a service lifespan, and careful management of these critical assets over time, including PLC upgrades and cybersecurity remediation work, is much less of a hassle with a trusted and experienced industrial automation partner by your side. Troubleshooting performed by a qualified outside expert effectively offers “fresh eyes” on the issue at hand. I.B. Abel’s specialized Automation Technicians are always ready to provide turnkey solutions and valuable insight.

Why Choose I.B. Abel for Automation Services? Safety is Always Central to the Approach

While our Automation Services team prides itself on being quick to respond and always ready to problem solve for our valued client partners, Automation Account Manager Ben M. shared how the team views safety as paramount on every job.

“Our dedicated in-house Safety and Quality Department always goes the extra mile to help crews safely mitigate risks and improve quality and performance on all automation projects. We recognize that each client environment is unique with specialized safety considerations, and the team works closely with clients to understand and adhere to all safety protocols.”

– Ben M.

This commitment to construction safety excellence and experienced project management maximizes value for clients and empowers our team to deliver exceptional results.

If you are looking for an automation services resource to help create greater efficiencies in your commercial or industrial facility, get in touch with our team today. I.B. Abel is a partner you can trust, and we are quick to respond to calls and requests throughout our extensive service area in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.