Communication Services

Since 1913, with over 100 years of proven performance, our Communication Services line of business has the knowledge and experience to provide turnkey solutions. From conception, throughout execution, our project delivery process can guarantee a successful partnership, while leading the industry in safety and quality. As a family-owned business, our people are our greatest asset. Through our proven process and guarantee, we will meet your expectations.

We provide solutions to:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Governmental
  • Higher Education
  • Outside Plant
  • Contractors

Locations served:

  • Mid-Atlantic Region
  • New England Region

We specialize in the following Communication Services:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Audio/Video Services
  • Security Services
  • Wireless Services
  • Fiber Optic Splicing

Our full scope of Communication services

Audio/Video & Security:

  • Audio
    • Sound Reinforcement
    • PSound Distribution Systems
    • Paging
    • Sound Masking
  • Video
    • Projection Systems
    • Conference Monitors
    • Video Distribution and Switching
    • IPTV and Digital Signage
    • Video Collaboration Systems
    • Video Conferencing
    • Conference Room Schedulers
    • Control and Automation Systems
  • Security
    • Access Control
    • CCTV Systems
    • IP Video Surveillance
    • Video Analytics
    • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
    • Professional Video Management Systems

The digital and real world environments are constantly evolving, which makes security concerns a never-ending challenge. I.B. Abel offers all-encompassing technological solutions to secure your facility. Our partnership with Genetec provides our customers with first-class IP-based solutions to all of their security needs.

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
  • Card Access
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Biometric Identification
  • Multiple Systems form Small to Large including IP and Traditional

Structured Cabling:

  • Copper Cabling- CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A
  • Fiber Cabling- Singlemode, Multimode, termination and splicing
  • Backbone Copper and Fiber cabling including high pair count splicing
  • IT closet buildouts- MDF, IDF and Small Data Center
  • Wireless Access Point installation and cabling
  • Certification and Testing for all low voltage copper and fiber optic systems
  • BICSI Certified Technicians
  • Service and Maintenance agreements available for all systems

Our Communication Services Division is filled with qualified and certified technicians capable of working efficiently and safely within any working environment. Throughout our history we have grown to serve the commercial, industrial, and utility industries. The backbone of this division is Structured Voice and Data Cabling. The Communication Division has intentionally expanded its project base to include more work in the Outside Plant, Security, Wireless, Tower, and Utility areas with continuing hard work from our technicians and office staff. This is largely attributed to the continuous training and a three-year BICSI Telecommunication/Data apprenticeship program.

As technology advances, more commercial enterprises require sophisticated cabling for standard business operations. Structured cabling is integral to your operation and it happens to be the heart of our Communications Division. We have a RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) on staff and all of our technicians are Technician Certified through BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International).

Outside Plant:

The communication’s infrastructure of outside connections between buildings is just as critical as the portion that exists within, I.B. Abel offers comprehensive outside plant services to address that reality. From initial design to upgrading existing systems, we take a holistic approach to understanding and addressing your needs.

  • Air Blown Fiber
  • Traditional Fiber
  • High Pair Count Copper
  • Aerial pole to pole installation
  • Underground conduit and direct burial systems
  • Trouble Shooting, Maintenance, Installation
  • Fusion Splicing, Core Alignment and Mass
  • Testing, OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)


I.B. Abel can operate in any environment. Our technicians are CommTrain Tower Rescue Certified, Crane Institute Certification (CIC) Certified, and Certified Utility Safety Professionals (CUSP). What sets our team apart is the ability to safely achieve maximum productivity in the energized zone. We are able to attain high safety standards through transparent communication and precise implementation of safety standards. Our vast experience with major national wireless carriers and regional utility companies has positioned us to provide superior work every time in the most demanding applications.

  • Aerial Inspection of Transmission Lines
  • Decommission Cell Site atop Transmission Towers
  • Installation of multiple carrier cell antenna systems
  • Microwave installation


  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for cellular service in buildings
  • Point to Point network link installations
  • Cell Tower antenna installation and maintenance
  • Small Cell network installations and maintenance
  • FAA lighting maintenance/installations
  • Structural and foundation upgrades
  • Structural and Mount Mapping for both self-supporting and utility structures

Fiber Optic Splicing:

  • Outside plant Splicing
  • OPGW
  • ADSS
  • Overhead or underground
  • BICSI Certified Installers

A partner to Utility Companies

Major utility companies are held to exacting standards by their customers. There is no room for downtime. I.B. Abel has earned the trust of the leading utility companies because our technicians have responded quickly, and gotten their work done efficiently and safely by using our SQP (Safety, Quality, Productivity) practices.

  • OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) Installation, Termination and Testing
  • ADSS (All- Dielectric Self-Supporting) Installation, Termination and Testing
  • Substation Work