Storm Restoration Services

Leading the industry since 1913, I.B. Abel’s Storm Restoration Crew stands ready 24/7/365 to rapidly deploy in response to nationwide natural disasters, such as ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. Our team consists of excellent leadership and dedication of more than 100 highly skilled crew members. Combine their hard work and steadfast commitment with a readily available fleet lineup and clients across the United States have an emergency team they can count on to restore power and deliver safe and timely storm damage repair services. We offer full-service emergency crews and assessors qualified in transmission, distribution, substation, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy systems to provide the electrical construction services needed to reconstruct critical electrical infrastructure.

Storm restoration crew members follow all established standards of OSHA, the IBEW, local work environments, and I.B. Abel’s strict company policies to ensure everyone is safe and delivering excellent, high-quality services and results.

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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your team in support of your community.

Our Approach to Storm Damage Emergencies 

From performing damage assessments and communicating all findings to ensuring that mapping is updated and accurate through all restoration efforts, the I.B. Abel team focuses on safety, quality, and dependability. We take an all-hands-on-deck approach for emergency support services and identify all seen and unforeseen challenges to guide decisions that are safe and help drive efficiencies and success. It’s a collaborative effort by our company, as every department from Safety and Quality to HR and Fleet work together to make fast and excellent utility restoration services possible for those dealing with disastrous situations.

Storm division on site

With over 100 years of industry experience and with our advanced technology equipment, such as drones, tablets and more, we capture accurate and detailed images of the damage so clients can prioritize restoration activities. A dedicated Storm Coordinator is provided for each project to ensure a single point of contact for clear communication and efficient coordination every step of the way. I.B. Abel’s agile workforce is always prepared to meet our clients’ ever-changing restoration priorities. Learn more about our Storm Restoration Team.