Cellular Tower Upgrades Completed Safely with Hot Power Lines

I.B. Abel’s safety-focused team and commitment to delivering turnkey wireless solutions delivered project success for this upgrade to an active AT&T cell tower in Princessville, NJ. Ensuring there was no service disruption during construction was paramount to Jacobs Telecom, who counted on I.B. Abel’s Wireless Group to ensure a seamless process.

To prevent service disruptions during the wireless upgrades, I.B. Abel team members planned a safe approach, proactively considering structural circumstances and any risk factors, while power lines remained hot. The scope included the installation of rail kits on the existing platform, the installation of new coax jumpers, and the replacement of 12 old antennas and diplexers. Following completion, all wireless updates on this cellular system were tested to confirm success. As part of our promise to deliver excellence in service, safety, and quality, I.B. Abel’s wireless communication crews were able to optimize the project to maximize efficiencies and complete all upgrades in five days.


Client: Jacobs Telecom
Market/Industry: Wireless
Division: Utility
Location: Princessville, NJ