Dedicated Crews Complete Combined Line Rebuild Project for PPL Electric Utilities

Rock drilling and line work for both the Bohemia and Twin Lakes distribution line rebuilds in Lackawaxen, PA, presented unique challenges, from unpredictable winter weather to complex drilling conditions. The I.B. Abel Utility Services team approached all electrical construction work with a focus on safety and keen attention to detail to overcome job site and equipment obstacles, delivering excellent results and performance for a valued client PPL.

Combined, the two lines required the removal of 7.18 miles of distribution poles and wiring, followed by the installation of 25 transformers, 217 poles, and more for the rebuild completion (including 209 poles and 105 anchors drilled and installed into rock). Check out some highlights from each power line rebuild:

Bohemia Line

Removal included: 3.5 miles of existing primary and neutral wire, 114 poles, 2 OCR, 9 fuses, 23 transformers

Installation included: 4.18 miles of 477 AL XLP 3-phase 4/0 ACSR neutral, 1 mile of 477 AL 3-Hase and 4/0 ACSR neutral, .15 miles of 1/0 ACSR XLP 1-phase and 1/0 ACSR neutral, 121 poles, 4 VCR, 8 fuses, 22 transformers

Twin Lakes Line

Removal included: 3 miles of existing primary and neutral wire, 82 poles, OCRs, 9 fuses, 1 VCR, 24 transformers

Installation included: 2.75 miles of 477 AL XLP 3-phase and 4/0 ACSR neutral, 2,050’ of 1/0 ACSR XLP 1-phase and neutral, 96 poles, 1 VCR, 3 voltage regulators, 4 fuses, 22 transformers


Client: PPL Electric Utilities
Market/Industry: Electrical Utility
Division: Utility Services
Location: Lackawaxen, PA