Sometimes duty calls from far away.

As the news broke that Hurricane Ian was heading towards Florida’s western coast, more than 100 crew members from the I.B. Abel Storm Division were making preparations to head South in an effort to assist with power restoration and impact mitigation from the Category 4 hurricane.

Within hours of receiving the call for help from Florida utility companies, I.B. Abel began mobilization of all available manpower and equipment which was comprised of 46 bucket trucks, 16 digger trucks and other ancillary equipment that specializes in flood like conditions. They were ready to respond to the needs of millions of Florida residents who lost power during the devastating storm.

Watch this video showing our crews preparing to head south.

I.B. Abel crews spent over two weeks in various regions of Florida, securing downed electrical lines, replacing poles and reconnecting power in areas where it had been lost. At the peak of the restoration activities, 132 I.B. Abel employees were on the ground conducting storm restoration work after the hurricane.

The company has done storm repair work for the past 12 years. In June of 2021, I.B. Abel created the Storm Division subgroup within its existing Utility Division that is comprised entirely of Non-IOU resources. We have employees and equipment ready 24 hours a day to respond when hurricanes and other storms hit hard, and our crews have traveled across the country for storm response efforts.

If you need assistance with power restoration after a destructive storm, contact us to help reconnect your communities.