As extreme weather events have become more common and destructive, forward-thinking companies are working hard to be prepared the next time disaster strikes.

When severe storms topple poles and lines, I.B. Abel’s Utility Services line of business has employees ready 24 hours a day to reconnect communities to the power grid.

While the company has done storm restoration work for the last 12 years, in June, it created an entire subgroup within its Utility division focused solely on post-storm recovery. I.B. Abel has traveled across the country helping bring back power after hurricanes and other wild weather has torn through towns and cities.

Earlier this year, 88 I.B. Abel employees spent 3.5 weeks helping restore power in areas of Louisiana that were hit hard by Hurricane Ida.

The company’s teams worked to reconnect homes and high-rises, pulling poles up straight and stringing new wire. With many affected services and hotels unavailable, the crews drove significant distances to obtain fuel and lodging each day.

The restoration work was a resounding success, but the trip was not without setbacks. According to Chris Uhl, Vice President of Utility Services. The company now knows it needs more lines of communication when working in such devastated areas. A lot of radio towers were lacking service. Next time, crews will bring their own mobile repeaters, handhelds, and truck radios so they can remain in contact when miles apart and when cell phone service is spotty. These lessons learned will serve the teams well as storms continue to worsen and create logistical challenges.

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