As more emphasis is put on renewable energy at the state and federal levels and climate change creates severe weather across the country, Rick Gutshall, IB Abel’s Director of Renewable Energy, knows that clean technology constitutes the future of energy generation.

Rick started with the company in July, taking the reins of the growing Renewables line of business. With more than 40 years of experience in the energy and telecommunications sectors, he is poised to take IB Abel’s Renewables business to the next level.

The renewable energy sector is very competitive for both union and non-union projects. IB Abel is proud to be a union contractor. However, with private companies able to severely undercut bids on non-union jobs, one of the most important questions Rick had to answer was where I.B. Abel fit into the equation.

The company was already plugged into the solar industry. With large utility, commercial, and government projects largely being prevailing wage projects, Rick realized that was where he should focus.

“We are positioning ourselves in the industry with other contractors to form joint ventures so we can get involved in the 200-plus-megawatt solar projects,” he said. “We can do solar generation or battery storage. We have the capability to build the substation to accompany the projects which is normally a separate bid. We can do the interconnects. We self-perform project management. We are a one-stop-shop which is unique in this space.”

I.B. Abel also offers an operations and management program to clients for maintenance since solar arrays entail significant upkeep after they are installed.

While the majority of I.B. Abel’s Renewables work is in solar, the company has completed various wind energy equipment projects which we are hoping to focus more on.

“We come with the experience and know-how to get it done!” Rick said.

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