When clients have complex electrical engineering needs, they know they can turn to I.B. Abel for industry expertise from experienced professionals.  I.B. Abel offers not only construction, but the complete design of electrical systems for our commercial, industrial, and government clients. Their project portfolio includes medical offices, schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, substations, renewables, and many other applications.

I.B. Abel’s engineering efforts include work up and down the Northeast corridor, from Massachusetts to Virginia, and throughout the country, as needed. Their registered engineers hold PE licensing in numerous states. The team is constantly evolving with personnel and training efforts to maintain our ability to handle all projects, regardless of size.

Beyond designing electrical systems, the company’s electrical engineers help maintain those systems for many clients. This is done through preventative maintenance planning, test result evaluation, and improvement recommendations. They also perform complex power system studies for clients, which involve computer modeling to determine equipment settings, ratings, and hazards. These studies can ultimately help improve system performance, safety, and reliability.

Other services offered by the Engineering division include feasibility studies, equipment evaluation and selection, ground grid design and analysis, lightning protection design, energy audits, site surveys, and more.

The Engineering division looks forward to new challenges. I.B. Abel has the tools and knowledge necessary to bring electrical systems to life and keep them running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more!