When companies with an I.B. Abel account have an emergency at their facilities, or need an expert to install and maintain electrical equipment, the Service and Accounts Group jumps into action to solve the problem.

The Service and Accounts Group consist of 52 field employees and nine staff members working in the office. They handle hundreds of key accounts for various clients, including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, welding automation equipment and food products from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and from York to Washington, D.C.

The department’s core focus is building relationships with customers and providing all their electrical services needs. In addition to providing one point of contact for all key accounts, I.B. Abel service technicians are regularly onsite at client facilities and intimately familiar with the systems.

As part of the services offered to key accounts, field teams spend substantial time working on preventive maintenance to avoid emergencies. I.B. Abel conducts testing, inspecting and cleaning of equipment, especially transformers. Many customers shut down their operations annually so I.B. Abel workers can cleanse all electrical systems onsite.

Preventive maintenance can also include infrared thermographic scanning of electrical equipment to identify potential failure points. The field staff utilize ultrasonic inspection for electrical equipment, although it is more prevalent in medium- and high-voltage applications. They can also scan high-tension power lines and listen for arcing and pulses that indicate potential failure points.

“Our business is highly focused around the value of building relationships and solving problems,” said Kiel Klingman, manager of the Service and Accounts Group. “Those are two things we do extremely well.”

The company also wants to grow the department and its expertise. Many of I.B. Abel’s customers need a programmable logic controller (PLC), an industrial computer control system that constantly monitors and adjusts electrical equipment. I.B. Abel has several staff members with PLC experience and hopes to hire and train more.

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