Electrical contractors often consider several parameters when deciding whether to bid on a government or public works project. Before placing a bid, I.B. Abel evaluates the type of customer, scope and duration of the government or public works projects.

Government and public works organizations utilize I.B. Abel for electrical, utility, engineering, and automation services. These projects range from renovating national park facilities to building fueling stations.

Depending on the project’s complexity, government and public works projects can take 14 to 18 months or longer to complete. No job is too small or too large for our Electrical Services Division. However, project duration can vary depending on factors beyond the project team’s control, such as equipment availability and material lead times.

Operating for success

Perry Giovacchini, Operations Manager of our South Region, oversees government and public works projects in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. As an Operational Manager, he works closely with the Regional Director, Vice Presidents, and Project Managers to ensure the construction team and materials are available to complete the job successfully.

“The foremen are the backbone of our government and public works projects,” says Giovacchini. “To avoid wasted days and delays, our foremen put together teams of workers, so we have enough coverage to complete the work on time and within budget.”

The number of employees working on most government projects reflects a curve – starting with the general foreman and the field leaders supervising operations on-site and building up the construction team. As a result, the size of the construction team will vary as the job progresses.

Projects underway

I.B. Abel is completing a project in Washington, D.C., to renovate the Park Police Headquarters at Hains Point. With a $4 million contract to reconstruct the 65,000 square foot facility, I.B. Abel peaked at 25 electricians working on site.

The company is also working as a subcontractor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to renovate its pharmacy.

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