At I.B. Abel, our growth is a direct result of our ability to meet customers where they are and solve their problems in a timely, efficient and responsible manner. As an electrical contractor of choice, we take pride in our employees’ professionalism and ability to complete projects that exceed our customer’s expectations for schedule, quality and price.  Our main motivator and core focus in our business is the well-being and success of our industry partners, customers, employees and community.

As demand for electric utility services grows, I.B. Abel continues to invest in this market sector by successfully scaling our transmission and distribution services line of business to match our customer’s needs. To complement this growth, we also made significant investments in our offered substation services to become a full-solution provider to our utility customers.

Since the industry began shifting toward renewable energy for electricity generation, I.B. Abel responded by investing in our future and establishing our own renewable energy line of business  to provide additional offerings to our customers and solutions for the market sector. Through this expansion, we began providing our services to states where renewable energy resources are high in demand, like New York and Connecticut. We went from simply performing maintenance tasks on solar fields to being a full provider of distributed energy resources (DERs).

Beyond Borders

I.B. Abel is methodically expanding our geographical footprint to bring solutions to our customers regardless of their location. Our leadership team has strategically mapped out how and where we offer our services to customers. Although most of our services are concentrated around the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, our workforce is structured to meet customers there and beyond.

Beyond expanding geographically, our team is always looking ahead to lead the industry with new and improved services, including niche services. This strategic initiative is a part of our commitment to being a provider of turnkey solutions for clients to include everything from our legacy electrical and communications services to niche market sectors and more.

Improving Every Day

Being a full-service provider for our customers requires a dedicated team of professionals who are highly experienced and get the job done right the first time. This has been our way of business since 1913 and is something we will continue to improve upon. Our commitment to our customers and employees is our main driver. We view our customers as partners and will stop at nothing to make sure we continue to uphold the trust placed in us by delivering a safe and quality project.

If you are looking for the most reliable electrical full-service provider, contact us today.