As an industry leader committed to providing top-flight results to customers through integrity and craftsmanship, I.B. Abel continues to invest in our tomorrow, today. We’re laying the foundation for greater success in the future by employing emerging resources such as enhanced equipment safety practices, modern energy solutions and guiding principles to our company how and why.

I.B. Abel has always been proactive in identifying and utilizing tools which prove necessary to furthering the lines of work we service. Founded in a time of transition, Israel and Norm Abel understood the need to provide electrical appliances and wiring services during the electrification of the United States. Their foresight and ability to adapt to change has helped the company prosper and diversify its service offerings.

Our seven core service areas are investments themselves, allowing I.B. Abel to better assist customers and provide them with turnkey solutions that are considerate of project-end results. Having the wherewithal to evolve and invest in what’s next has helped us ensure we have the means to translate our 150 years of collective wisdom to meet modern needs.

But what recent investments has the company made, and who decides what we will invest in?

Renewable Energy, Increasing Potential

As leaders of our trade since 1913, I.B. Abel is accustomed to shifting industry practices. Equipped with the vision and know-how to deploy cutting-edge technology, our team invested in adding renewable energy to our service offerings in 2020.

Beyond simply adding renewable energy to our scope of expertise, I.B. Abel invested in becoming a provider of the benefits distributed energy resources (DER) are able to offer a wide range of facilities. DERs include greenfield solar farms, wind turbines and battery storage.

Mastering preventative maintenance efforts for renewable energy products that support data centers, hospitals, educational institutions, utility providers and more was a large component of this strategic addition to the company. While our renewable energy services are offered to provide innovative solutions to customers, this investment has also shown promise to the growth of our team.

By developing a new sector of business, we’re able to employ skilled individuals to lead the charge and continue fostering our legacy as they create their own.

Improving The Safety of Hands-On Work

Bare hand work is one of I.B. Abel’s most recent investment initiatives. Working with energized conductors of high voltage while wearing specialized protective gear is essential to allowing linemen to work in a safe manner. To ensure this as a possibility to our team of  linemen, I.B. Abel invested in bare hand buckets, tooling and lifters.

Three-phase and single-phase lifter buckets work as arms to grab conductors and remove them from electrical towers, allowing crews to replace and service the towers in a secure way that complies with our safety & quality policies.

Established Core Values

Every day, our team of highly skilled, motivated, innovative and loyal employees draw upon our core values in their work. It’s what sets us apart from our competition.

While agility plays a central role in our greater success, it’s the people in our company who make up our bigger picture and make things happen for us. Ensuring each individual on #TeamIBAbel is empowered to embody our core values is the ultimate contributing factor to our continued success.

Encouraging these values be a part of our institutional knowledge base and culture was an investment several years in the making, and one which has proven essential for the good of our team. By establishing them, our employees can do their best and produce the quality of work our customers deserve.

Determining What’s Next

I.B. Abel’s IT and equipment steering committees are an integral part of the company’s investment process. The committees meet on a quarterly basis to evaluate and address all current or impending company equipment and supply needs. Budget analysis and business development are among discussion points of these meetings and assist the committees in deciding where resources may be best allocated and what investments should be made.

Upon determination of the above, avenues of improvement are presented to the executive team, comprised of CEO Patrick Kinsley, COO Robert Zillweger, Vice President of Human Resources Stephanie Kennedy and Vice President of Business Development Dennis Geiger.

Over the years, this process has helped I.B. Abel make significant investments in our service offerings and company culture as well as establish our renewable energy service line. These decisions have nurtured company growth and helped us continue to earn the trust of our customers and exceed their expectations.

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