Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe.

These are the three key phrases we empower each I.B. Abel team member to work by. Every day, we work to ensure our employees are safe on the job and understand how to prevent incidents and injuries from occurring.

To ensure consistent safety protocols are met on every job site, I.B. Abel’s Safety & Quality team has implemented various policies and procedures that promote a healthy and safe work environment. All employees and I.B. Abel contractors are educated on these guidelines and put their knowledge to the test when stepping onto the job site.

Since the program’s enhancement last year, it has increased communications and solidified policies and procedures. These measures have proven effective, as I.B. Abel has seen a substantial decrease in our OSHA recordable incident rate.

This decrease is a direct result of our team’s accountability culture, which stems from our core values as a company. Our employees are trained to look out for one another at all times. Their commitment to this culture is what enables us to reach our goal of zero incidents and injuries.

Our Safety Commitment

Our promise to uphold safety above all else requires significant investments and ongoing job training programs. I.B. Abel spares no expense when it comes to job training and ensures our workforce of professionals are always putting safety first at all times. Our Safety Quality program encompasses the following: 15 safety procedures, 12 different types of trainings, seven certification programs, a four-hour long safety onboarding, annual and biannual trainings and refreshers to make sure they are prepared for every scenario.

Our training, however, is not limited to what we provide in-house. I.B. Abel frequently contracts with third-party vendors to provide additional safety & quality training and certifications, such as the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP). Our desire to continuously educate our employees has proven to be effective in maintaining a safe work environment and allowing them to intervene in emergency scenarios.

Safety trainings at I.B. Abel also aren’t limited to working with equipment. Our training initiatives include self-safety and the safety of the team on the job site. Ensuring our staff are certified in CPR is among the interpersonal training our team receives to be prepared to act immediately in the event someone requires the life-saving measure.

We’ve seen first-hand the value this training has presented our linemen, on the job and beyond. Our very own Rob Heller stepped up beyond the call of duty and gave emergency CPR to an unconscious individual while on the job. The individual was successfully resuscitated, and Rob remained on-scene until the paramedics arrived.

Our safety commitment is not just to our employees, but to our customers as well. Our goal is to provide customers with peace of mind that no incidents will occur on their project.

As the Business Grows, So Does Safety

Over the last year, our Director of Safety & Quality, Steven King, has made significant changes to the department to improve communications, safety procedures, safe work methods and emergency responses. King added two managerial positions in the Safety and Quality department and two additional coordinator positions to streamline communications and respond to incidents quicker.

In addition, King has required automated external defibrillators (AEDs) be present on every work site in case of an emergency. The investments we have placed in safety technology continues our pledge to be a safe company with zero injuries and incidents.

For questions or concerns regarding our Safety and Quality program, please contact