A new level of excellence in electrical construction has been achieved at I.B. Abel, as 2023 proves to be our company’s most successful year to date (since our founding in 1913). While challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, including supply chain disruptions, schedule delays and remote-only circumstances, created unforeseen obstacles, I.B. Abel achieved success by setting and intentionally working toward goals to reach new heights. 2023 also marks company President Jason Motter’s first full year at the helm of the dynamic I.B. Abel team, and he attributes the outstanding and record-breaking achievements to:

  • The company’s unwavering values and ability to stay the course in trying times.
  • A focus on surpassing client expectations and going above and beyond for safety and quality.
  • The experience of the team, the strength of new leadership, and 500% growth in company size since 2010.

“We really focused on our core values, sustainability and depth as a team, and the fact that we still remain true to our roots as a top-tier private, family-owned company even after more than 100 years in business. We’re very proud of our stability and we’re confident in our skillsets, capabilities, and level of service as a leading electrical contractor in the Northeast. Sometimes, to successfully lead a team and business in an always-evolving industry, you have to go back to the basics and ensure you’re staying on track to hold true to the promises you’ve made to your employees and your clients. That’s exactly what we did and why 2023 has been our greatest year yet. We have a great leadership team guiding every project and we have an entire team of individuals who take pride in their work and are committed to excellence in all they do.”

– Jason Motter, I.B. Abel President

Jason Motter

Motter was named President at I.B. Abel in September 2022, after his hard work and dedication to the team shone through his efforts in previous leadership roles and throughout his career. He first joined the I.B. Abel team in 2010 as a Journeyman Lineman. Over the next decade, Motter worked hard in the trade on job sites across the United States and gained the deepest appreciation for electrical infrastructure and the critical role Linemen have in something as important as power and energy. Motter later advanced through project management, estimating, and operations, and served as Vice President of Utility Services and Chief Operating Officer before promotion to company President.

At the start of the year, Motter shared his targets for I.B. Abel’s future. His vision included a back-to-the-basics approach, and he shared his excitement for how everyone’s efforts would positively impact the team, our communities, and every client’s experience. Success was achieved companywide, from business planning, internal efficiencies, overall profitability, and increased levels of added value for clients to team size, employee retention, professional development, and focus on strengthening each of I.B. Abel’s divisions: Electrical Services, Storm Restoration Services, Utility Services, Substation Services, Engineering Services, Communication Services, and Wireless Services.

Motter shares more insight into what he believes have been the greatest contributors to a record-breaking, successful year for I.B. Abel.

Company Values & Staying the Course

When times are trying, as they were after the pandemic, it’s easy for companies to stress and continuously change their business plans and focus areas out of confusion or dismay. The leadership team at I.B. Abel did exactly the opposite, by staying focused on company values – safety, quality, and productivity – and staying the course by finding opportunities for team members to grow professionally and for ways to serve clients exceptionally well even given the industry setbacks for electrical construction and design projects.

“Looking ahead and leading the way in 2023 was reinforced by tenured team members who were promoted into higher leadership roles and as every service division within the company focused on working together as a unified team.” – Jason Motter

Achieving Excellence for Our Clients

The team has been intentional in making job selections that are a great fit and in partnering with clients to build lasting relationships and confidence in having I.B. Abel as their dedicated electrical contractor. To achieve the level of excellence that is promised, crews leaned on the leadership team’s expertise in calculated risk and division-specific workflows and project management coordination.

“We continue to meet budgets and deadlines without hesitation, and clients know that we will deliver a job well done no matter the complexities of their job site or project plans and goals. Being nimble, staying flexible, and working as a unified group that delivers consistent results no matter which crew or team member is on the job site has been key to our success.” – Jason Motter

2023 Success Highlight

We currently have over 500 team members who make up the talented group at I.B. Abel, and every individual is key to the company culture and quality results. One highlight of 2023, was responding to storm restoration services during Hurricane Lee. IB Abel dispatched 400 crew members to support restoration efforts in the Northeast region.

“I’m proud of our storm division for how quickly they respond to events and for exceeding 20 million dollars this year, which shows their capabilities and dedication to power restoration across the United States in disastrous circumstances.” 

Building Blocks for the Future

As we close 2023’s record-breaking year, we will continue with the building blocks established for future successes. Additionally, Motter credits the Kinsley family for being a great driving force in I.B. Abel’s culture and success and for remaining a steady partner while giving the team full independence. As part of the company’s history, Robert Kinsley purchased I.B. Abel in 1980 and helped launch the company into the 21st Century. IB Abels leadership teams are now collectively focused on a common goal.

“The level of expertise and excellence our team has brought to projects of all sizes and with a range of complexities involved – it’s exciting to see how dedicated our group is to teamwork and to serving clients as a turnkey solution provider.”

“I look forward to keeping the momentum going strong with the leadership and hardworking team we have in place. Our efforts stay focused on continuing the tradition of excellence that our reputation is known for nationally, and I am excited about the growth that will come in the years ahead by empowering our leadership team to make decisions they’re confident in and by providing growth opportunities and succession planning for our employees. We’re going to keep strengthening each department and everyone’s skill sets. I’m excited for what the future holds for our team and our clients.”

– Jason Motter

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