High-quality, uninterrupted wireless connections are critical in today’s world for communications among businesses, families, security systems, transportation, military, technology, consumers, and more. For over a century, I.B. Abel’s vast range of wireless communications capabilities and longstanding commitment to safety and quality have been delivered by a group of highly skilled linemen, electricians, engineers, technicians, and general foremen. Our team is COMTRAIN certified for climbing safety and rescue, trained in rope rigging, up to date with radio frequency awareness methods, and well-prepared to operate on energized and non-energized structures and on the ground for civil construction sitework. The level of expertise among our team (many workers with 10-20+ years of experience each), combined with an extensive fleet, dependable equipment, and the company’s commitment to staying ahead in an always-evolving industry, is critical to delivering success for the diverse projects our crews service for leading U.S. mobile carriers, turf vendors, residential needs, and various investor-owned utility companies.

“Our general foremen and team members at every level are top notch at I.B. Abel. Their dedication, expertise, attention to detail on everything from day-to-day operations, safety and quality to peer checks and everything that falls into the project itself is unmatched. I’m really proud of them, and I know I can always count on them. That confidence and consistency, the close relationships we have with our clients, carriers, and our own Transmission and Distribution Teams – it’s incomparable.”

– Mike C., Wireless Operations Manager

“While our team is widely known for utility tower construction and maintenance work, like microwave dishes and cellular antenna installations, the projects we service range tremendously,” said Mike. “Yes, we work on transmission towers, but we also provide electrical construction services for 5G new build sites. We have agile crews and a solid approach to overcoming site-specific challenges, and that keeps our team equipped to deliver excellence for every one of our partners.”

A Dependable Approach At All Heights: Ground Level to Sky High

Wireless communications construction and maintenance projects come with unique challenges. From being surrounded by thick brush (that can be home to poison ivy and snakes) to sites that require clearing, concrete pouring, and equipment installation for cell tower service, no two jobsite locations are the same.

Technicians and electricians must work in and around energy transmission conductors, every crew must be proactive for storm weather safety protocols, and our team must utilize climbing crews, bucket trucks that extend up to 230 feet high, and sometimes even bring in helicopters to reach the required heights to get the job done.

In addition to confidently overcoming these challenges for our clients, our approach to successful wireless and utility construction also includes a sharp focus on coordination and communications with many I.B. Abel teams. Our Wireless, Utility Transmission and Distribution crews seamlessly collaborate to deliver full-service support under a single source of project responsibility that our clients can count on.

wireless communication services

“We’re committed to excellence and that includes our team overseeing every project from start to finish. After the final task of each project is complete, our leadership team members perform a comprehensive closeout package to confirm quality and performance. And, in addition to being fully committed to providing exceptional service and results for our clients, I.B. Abel credits every individual on the team for their hard work and supports ongoing training to equip them with the best skillset, opportunities, and increased safety best-practices,” Wireless Operations Manager Mike C. added.

I.B. Abel supports wireless communications projects for clients of all sizes, from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Ohio to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and as far west as California. Our team is honored to be a preferred electrical contractor for the largest mobile providers in the country (Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T) and also takes pride in servicing local utility companies and community needs to improve wireless connections and keep services intact. Whether you’re a long-term client with a vast list of service and ongoing maintenance needs, a new client needing a cell tower or single- day repair job serviced well and efficiently, or you’re looking for a complete new site build for a cellular project, specific cell tower construction, or antenna installation, we’re ready to answer the call.

I.B. Abel’s wireless services deliver unparalleled, turnkey electrical construction results. Connect with a member of our team today to learn more about wireless services and I.B. Abel’s full range of capabilities.