A well-designed structured cabling infrastructure is critical to ensuring high-speed network connectivity and performance for workstation capacities and security. I.B. Abel excels in complex data cabling projects, and our Communication Services are performed by an experienced team that takes a holistic approach to structured cabling systems. We consider all aspects of integrated technology, from Security to Audio/Visual components for conference rooms, full buildings, and more for both commercial and industrial environments.

“We’ve always concentrated on customer relationships and being very good at what we do. We bring vast experience from the highest level of our management team to every team member working in the field and in the office. This experience is why we’re excellent at even the most complex projects. We can troubleshoot issues and if something is atypical, we really excel there.”

– Jim T., Vice President, Communication Services

With over 33 years of experience at I.B. Abel, Jim has played a key role in the team’s approach to staying on the leading edge as technology and communications have evolved over the decades. To provide innovative designs that increase network performance, ensure network security, and keep all systems connected effectively, our team members complete ongoing training and are always led by experienced managers. We know it’s key to our clients’ success that we work proactively to stay ahead of such a fast-paced industry.

“We value quality and design over bottom dollar,” said Jim. “Our clients are looking for robust installation to meet their needs and stay current with their cabling systems. We ensure the job is done right and is designed so that all technology operates effectively when connected. As computers get faster, networks have to get faster, and the cabling has to stay up-to-date with that. Technology has become more prevalent in all workspaces and continues to advance at rapid speed.”

From category-rated copper workstation cabling, fiber optic backbone cabling, Telecommunications room and Data center design/buildouts, conference rooms, and more, we stay innovative and committed to the industry and work safely on every project. Working hand-in-hand with Jim to help lead Communication Services is Will T. Manager of Estimating for Communication Services. Will also has over 30 years of industry experience and has excelled in his leadership role since joining I.B. Abel. His expertise on projects, such as the Harrisburg Forum renovation, has helped advance this division’s forward-thinking approach to complex infrastructure.


I.B. Abel has been honored to perform the renovation of the telecommunications cabling (data cabling and sound masking) for the Harrisburg Forum, a historically significant building in downtown Harrisburg that was dedicated in 1931. This project includes significant Category 6 workstation and fiber optic backbone cabling for a five-story office building that backs up to the forum’s auditorium and includes approximately 139,000 sq. ft. of office space.

The cabling infrastructure design supports/includes:

  • 13 telecommunications rooms, multimode cabling, and single-mode fiber optic backbone cabling (internally and tying into the Keystone and Capitol buildings)
  • ~2,300 network drops with half a million feet of cabling (providing data to workstations, cameras, and wireless access points)
  • A paging system
  • 400+ speakers connected for the sound masking needs of this project
The Harrisburg Forum

“We know technology is ever-changing and network performance is crucial. We deliver excellence in our designs and give our customers a great experience and reliable network performance. It’s important that we develop long-term relationships with our customers to continue servicing them as computers and systems advance.”

– Will T., Manager of Estimating, Communication Services

As technology advances, more industrial and commercial enterprises require sophisticated cabling for business operations. We have a BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and BICSI Certified Technicians working together in this division. These qualifications, combined with the full team’s vast experience on projects of all sizes and complexities, provide comprehensive, turnkey designs.

Learn more about I.B. Abel’s Communication Services and reach out to our team today for your future project needs!