Ensuring our team members feel valued and know their hard work is recognized is an important part of I.B. Abel’s culture. It’s a culture where camaraderie is encouraged, team members have a desire to help one another succeed, and all are committed to excellence in how we work together as a team, serve our communities, and go above and beyond to achieve outstanding results for our clients. When employees feel valued and appreciated in their construction careers, their gratitude extends through the ways they lead by example, encourage others, and live out our core values: responsible, integrity, ownership, results-oriented, and professional.

“Our people do great things and great work. I’m always amazed by the stories I hear about what they do on the job and for the company. It’s just another reason I love working for I.B. Abel – we have a lot of good people here.”

– Lisa R., HR Generalist

From the office to the field and from entry-level to management positions, we recognize employees for going above and beyond. Everyone is encouraged to nominate a colleague who they believe has been an outstanding teammate and displayed the company’s core values exceptionally well. In addition to recognizing milestone achievements (first-year work anniversaries, retirements, etc.) and our established Employee Engagement Committee, the following rewards and programs have also had a pivotal role in our culture of excellence and appreciation:

High Performance Award

This award is presented to multiple team members each quarter who are nominated by their managers for going above and beyond their typical job responsibilities. It recognizes how individuals are being great team players and doing whatever it takes to meet company goals and deliver the highest quality results and a great experience for our clients.

I felt proud, appreciated, and thankful to work for a company that recognizes my effort and dedication. From the management team staying engaged to my manager checking in with me periodically, I recognize the effort that I.B. Abel puts forth to let their employees know they are valued.”
– Denise M., Service Coordinator (High Performance Award recipient)

I.B. Abel award winning employee

Hero Award

When team members do something heroic, we honor their quick and often lifesaving responses to help people in need by presenting them with the Hero Award. I.B. Abel team members have been honored for heroic actions, including performing CPR, freeing an individual trapped in a vehicle and getting them to safety, helping a worker on a jobsite who was having a heart attack, and more. Our Hero Award recipients have saved lives and families, and we are grateful for their bravery and willingness to help others in times of emergencies.

Service Award

For our team members who remain dedicated long-term to their I.B. Abel careers, we present Service Awards for every five-year work anniversary. We truly appreciate our employees who put their trust in I.B. Abel to provide a longstanding and valuable career, where they can excel in a highly skilled and growing industry. Team members recently receiving 30-year and 25-year service awards share insight to the reasons why they’ve been a part of the I.B. Abel team for decades.

“The great people I have worked with and the knowledge and support I’ve received over the last 31 years, receiving recognition and acknowledgement for my work ethic and dedication – this is why I’ve stayed at I.B. Abel.” – Melanie C., Payroll Manager (30-year Service Award recipient)

“I like what I do for a living and I like the people I work with here at I.B. Abel. They give me what I need to get my job done the right way. When I complete a complicated job, my coworkers and manager appreciate it. And, when someone asks for my advice or opinion, I feel respected … and old.”
– Dan S., Journeyman Lineman, Communications (25-year Service Award recipient)

Field Reward & Recognition

Our Field Reward & Recognition Program was established as a way to honor team members in the field for living out our company’s core values. Anyone in the field can be nominated, and anyone in the company can nominate them. Our field teams are on the jobsites in our communities, and we know the way they work, communicate, and treat each other and those around them makes a difference. This program helps foster a culture where team members show appreciation for one another, take time to notice the ways our core values are being honored, and provide the team support and client experience we promise every day.

“I felt appreciated and reassured that I am doing my job efficiently and that my hard work and dedication has been recognized. During my years here, I have felt valued in multiple ways: when I finish a project, when I start another one, when coworkers ask for my opinion or for a peer check, when I reach out to other I.B. Abel departments and get prompt responses to any information I need.”
– Dan D., General Foreman, Electrical Services (Field Reward & Recognition recipient)

“Department managers are also empowered to show appreciation for their specific teams all throughout the year, whether it’s a work-related reward or just treating them like family and doing something kind because they can. We recognize our employees have families and are going through different stages of life all the time. Whether it’s treating someone to lunch or even acknowledging one’s birthday, we know that even the little things go a long way.”

– Stephanie K., Chief HR Officer

Having a team that is eager to encourage and celebrate others’ successes and achievements is at the heart of the I.B. Abel commitment to delivering excellence. We are proud of our team’s electrical design and construction expertise, but we’re most proud of who our team members are as individuals and how their character and work ethic makes the greatest difference in our culture and our company as a whole.


Are you looking for a career opportunity with an electrical contractor or specifically in electrical engineering, substation design, or utility construction? We are always looking for hardworking individuals to join our growing team! Current positions available include: Director of Project Management (Electrical Construction), Substation Estimator, Project Manager, Utility Construction Estimator, and more! See a full list of our open positions and apply online or email humanresources@ib-abel.com.