The I.B. Abel team is excited to share that, in addition to being Chief Business Development Officer, Denny Geiger has resumed the role of Vice President of Electrical Services. Previously in this position for 12 years, and with his knowledge of the company and leadership experience on the Executive Team, Denny again looks forward to the rewarding responsibility of directing the operations, strategy, and vision of the Electrical group.

“I am extremely excited to re-engage with our valued customers and to build many new, successful partnerships; it’s what I always enjoyed most about business development. I’ve missed the camaraderie that comes with this role, and I look forward to contributing even more to the company, our team, and our customers by continuing to serve as Chief Business Development Officer and resuming the VP of Electrical Services position.” – Denny G.

Denny Geiger

As an electrical contractor dedicated to safety and quality, and as a family-owned business that has served the industry for over 100 years, we are excited to continue excelling on projects of all sizes for electrical design and construction work. Whether you come to our team with a vision, needing our expertise to bring your conceptual idea to reality, or with a fully planned electrical design ready to be constructed, you can count on I.B. Abel’s Electrical group to provide turnkey solutions, reliable communication, and service that meets your project goals. From electrical construction projects to those that include civil construction and mechanical engineering, we have a committed team of experienced professionals to manage the job from start to finish. When needed, we tap into our trusted network of highly skilled and dependable subcontractors to bring the best-matched talent for your specific project needs to ensure every aspect is completed with the greatest attention to detail and accuracy. This industry-leading expertise, combined with Denny’s focus on leadership and commitment to all clients, contributes to our company’s proven process and guarantee to meet and exceed project goals and expectations.

“Every team member and the position he or she holds adds great value to our group and to the work we perform,” Denny shared. “My approach as Vice President of Electrical Services is to ensure everyone feels valued and is always fully equipped and has a complete understanding of their responsibility to their teammates and to our customers and vendors. We need to always exude our values by living them out daily in all we do, and that will carry over into our work, our results, and the experiences others have with I.B. Abel.”

Across the I.B. Abel team, there is excitement for Denny’s return to this critical leadership position. Ron H., Electrical Database Manager, shared “I’ve been with our company for nearly 30 years, and I’ve worked with Denny for as long as I can remember. He has always understood what it takes to be successful all around and is very hands-on with his efforts, always open to suggestions, and encourages everyone to brainstorm and always be forward-thinking.”

If you see or connect with Denny soon, help us welcome him back into the role of Vice President of Electrical Services at I.B. Abel!

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Our team provides solutions to a vast range of industries and clients, including international logistic firms, warehouses, healthcare, commercial, retail, and more for projects of all sizes. Our experts specialize in electrical services for commercial and industrial work, substations, and from construction and engineering and design to 24/7 emergency services, automation and control, and maintenance. Our in-house team of project management professionals and professional engineers utilizes sophisticated Building Information Modeling (BIM) to facilitate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) coordination on all projects.

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