The Boiling Springs High School pool building was faced with rusty and corroded lighting fixtures and South Middleton School District (SMSD) needed cost-effective repairs performed while keeping the facility up and running. I.B. Abel delivered.

The district had solicited a quote from another contractor, but had concerns about the cost. I.B. Abel was invited to bid. We responded by not only lowering the cost, but also upgrading materials and correcting past construction deficiencies.

I.B. Abel suggested upgrading to smaller, brighter, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. We also recommended aluminum instead of steel for the fixtures, and Schedule 80 PVC instead of steel for the pipes to prevent rust and corrosion. These upgrades delivered short- and long-term cost-savings, in addition to longer lasting materials. The selection of rust-proof LED lights will also eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacement due to moisture.

The district, after deciding to replace the roof and lighting concurrently, learned that the conduits had been installed on top in the 1960s. I.B. Abel corrected the problem by installing the new tubes underneath in concurrence with best practices. We also added two continuously lit LED lights and new switches in the pool area to eliminate the frequent trips to the electrical room that were once required upon entering and exiting the facility.

It was essential to finish the project on schedule while keeping the pool accessible for swimming practices and lessons. I.B. Abel exceeded the district’s expectations by delivering the project early. Our crews, working primarily from scissor lifts around the perimeter of the pool, also avoided disrupting visitors and left the facility spotless.

This new I.B. Abel client was left with a positive first impression, according to Andy Glantz, SMSD’s Director of Buildings & Grounds. He said: “First off, your on-site guys have been tremendous. They are accommodating and responsible, and I am extremely satisfied with their abilities.”