In the early morning hours of Saturday, May 7, 2016 the corporate office of I.B. Abel at 620 Edgar Street in York, Pennsylvania experienced a catastrophic incident. A ruptured water main flooded the first floor with up to six inches of water. Our landlord, Kinsley Properties, responded immediately and engaged Cameo Services to dewater and clean up the office with fans and dehumidifiers. Our IT provider Business Information Group also immediately assembled a team to evaluate the damage to our computer and telephone systems. It was determined that it would take weeks to repair the damage to the building.  The decision was made to relocate the office to a vacant Kinsley Properties facility. Kinsley Properties, Business Information Group, and First Capital Commercial Cleaners worked with us throughout the weekend to prepare the new space. Staff with critical tasks such as payroll were up and running by Monday morning. The remaining office staff made the move to 1110 East Princess Street in York by midweek.

The tremendous undertaking required the I.B. Abel team to work together to achieve a successful transition to our new office while simultaneously maintaining daily operations and fulfilling all obligations to customers and employees.

All York Office Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, Safety & Quality, Fleet, Electrical, Communication, and Utility staff have all successfully transitioned to the new York Office location. Our 620 Edgar Street warehouse – now known as the York Operational Support Center – will continue to accept all deliveries.  All email addresses and phone numbers remain the same.
This unexpected event demonstrated our agility and resilience. Everyone involved reacted with the positive attitude, professionalism, and cooperation that I.B. Abel is known for when providing solutions to even the most daunting problems. Thank you to our landlord and the support services that responded so quickly to ensure this transition was a success.

In 2017, I.B. Abel moved to our current corporate headquarters at 2745 Black Bridge Road in York, PA.