Substation Construction and Underground Services Delivered Across 130+ Acres and 1 Million+ Sq. Ft.

In partnership with one of the world’s largest shipping companies, I.B. Abel’s Substation Services team supported large-scale electrical construction project for a major warehouse and distribution campus in Harrisburg, PA. The on-site work included engineering, procuring, and building a new 69Kv to 12Kv substation with 6 downstream substations across 130 acres with more than one million sq. ft. of on-site facilities. Through strategic planning, risk mitigation efforts, and with dedicated teamwork the main substation and power distribution equipment was successfully installed safety, professionally, on time and within budget allowing the customer to trust I.B. Abel and develop a long-term relationship for future maintenance and construction needs.

Project Highlights

  • Engineered, Procure, Manage, and constructed a new 69Kv to 12Kv Substation with 6 – 12Kv to 480v downstream substations.
  • New 69Kv substation pad, structures, piers, foundation, and fence.
  • New Ground Grid, 69Kv CB’s, 69Kv Gang operated disconnect with Kirk Key interlocks.
  • Two new 69Kv to 12Kv and 6 – 12Kv to 480kv transformers.
  • New control house with full relay upgrades/ controls/ AC and DC systems.
  • 12Kv feeder line up including main CB’s and tie CB.
  • Miles of a 12Kv underground feeder network supplying power to the downstream substations.
  • Developed a trusted relationship to allow I.B. Abel to continue to perform maintenance, engineering, testing, switching and future construction projects.
  • This project was recognized by NECA Substation-Interconnect National Project Excellence Award in 2022.

I.B. Abel substation team strives to deliver high-quality results and exceptional service. During its peak, 35 full-time employees worked on site to deliver this large-scale bulk power project. This combined with experience, leadership, and effort properly equipped the team to perform all services safely and efficiently through every phase of the substation construction and maintenance job.


Market/Industry: Maintenance
Division: Substation
Location: Harrisburg, PA