With a 24/7 open support line, I.B. Abel’s Service & Accounts group delivers quick, dynamic turnkey solutions when our clients have urgent electrical, engineering, and automation needs. I.B. Abel’s approach, since 1913, has always been focused on building and maintaining great relationships with our clients and providing experienced service, solutions, safety, and quality they can count on. Having a dedicated and experienced electrical services group, serving as an extension of their teams, gives company owners and managers confidence in their ability to maintain their facilities with preventative maintenance and avoid safety hazards, operational downtime, insurance setbacks, and more.

“Being customer focused and developing very trustworthy relationships with our clients and their teams is most important. They know they can call and count on us to be efficient problem solvers for all of their electrical services. We’re often viewed as an extension of their teams, because they know we’ll help them and be there when they need us.”

– Mat R., Director of Service & Accounts

I.B. Abel has experience supporting clients of all sizes across many different industries. From processing, manufacturing, and distribution to banks, healthcare, and military and federal government facilities, we understand the unique complexities of each industry. Service calls range from machinery troubleshooting to transformer testing, voltage testing, and servicing switchgear, high lines, PLC control, and everything in between. If there’s an issue with power supply, the I.B. Abel team will arrive with the right equipment and knowledge to provide the power and service where it’s needed.

IB Abel facility work

In many situations, what begins as a service call results in a need for highly specialized design support or for an engineering analysis to perform Arc Flash studies, energy audits, equipment assessment and evaluation studies, and more. Being able to also seamlessly deliver automation services, including industrial automation programming and manufacturing automation solutions, adds even greater value for our clients. There really is no limit to the capabilities and commitment of the I.B. Abel team, as we help companies boost efficiencies, increase bottom line savings, and serve as a single source of responsibility to help manage the range of electrical needs when they arise.

Keeping facilities running at an optimized performance level is critical. Being attentive to all aspects of a facility’s processes and entire electrical design equips our electrical engineers with the ins and outs of what they’re working with and working around. This ability to stay in sync and in the know, when it comes to our clients’ specific operational needs, contributes to the speed and high-quality of our results, as we are able to create plans of action and execute them quickly to keep productivity high and downtime low.

“Our customers know they can call us right away when a problem arises. We have a relationship that they trust and we take pride in being the team they turn to. I always said that it’s our job to take the problems off their plates. They don’t need to invest valuable time in the facility maintenance areas where they need help. Those are the areas we know best and where we excel on their behalf.

– Ben M., Account Manager

The I.B. Abel team is dedicated to being attentive to the details of every facility’s electrical infrastructure, serving as the industrial electrical contractor clients can turn to for high-quality, turnkey solutions that meet their project deadlines and budget needs. Learn more about the team’s full range of electrical services and reach out to our team to learn more about our Service & Accounts group today.