When severe storms strike, I.B. Abel’s Storm Division stands ready 24/7/365 to respond promptly to affected regions nationwide and provide emergency power restoration support. With steadfast commitments to being reliable, responsive, and known for excellent leadership, safety, and quality, the team is comprised of key I.B. Abel leaders and over 100 field resources based on the needs of our Utility partners. Committed to delivering safe and timely restoration to the host Utilities customers, the crews arrive ready for immediate deployment and are prepared to remain for as long as required to fully restore the affected infrastructure.

I.B. Abel’s Director of Operations – Storm Division, Donny H., shares more about the approach that is employed to attract top talent in this niche industry and deliver outstanding results for communities in need of assistance after a significant weather event.

“We have the experience, resources, and support staffing necessary to efficiently mobilize our Storm Restoration team from our various regional staging locations to wherever we are needed – whether it’s the Northeast, Midwest, or the Southern tip of Florida. Our customers can take comfort in knowing that I.B. Abel will bring only late-model equipment and handle all logistics required to mobilize the requested quantity of qualified Union professionals. We work diligently with our host Utility to perform damage assessments and communicate all findings and completed work to make certain that mapping is updated and accurate throughout the restoration efforts. This not only benefits the safety of I.B. Abel and its workers but also that of the host Utility and other industry partners’ workers as well. Work specifications and tracking vary by customer, and we pride ourselves on having tenured field leaders with system familiarity to ensure safe and reliable work. We bring the same value of safety and quality excellence for our team and our valued customers everywhere we go.”

– Donny H., Director of Operations – Storm Division

Disastrous situations require an entire team effort from all departments, and I.B. Abel takes an all-hands-on-deck approach when it comes to emergency support services. Our crews have helped restore power in communities that were severely impacted by Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Ida, the heavy storms in Detroit, MI, and other devastating weather events that have taken place in 2023.

Through full damage assessments, crews identify all seen and unforeseen challenges at hand and make decisions that are safe, productive, and drive efficiency and success. Restoring power can’t wait, and Donny shares more insight into the incredible collaboration that happens within the company that enables the Storm Division to operate quickly and effectively at all times.

Storm division on site

“We have full support from every department, from Safety & Quality to the HR, Fleet, and Payroll teams. It’s a huge team effort but, at the same time, our success is made possible by every individual understanding that our end goal is customer and community satisfaction.”

– Donny H., Director of Operations – Storm Division

I.B. Abel is a trusted utility contractor that has provided successful storm restoration services for more than a decade. The company’s fleet for utility storm repair projects has grown from eight trucks to more than 60, and from 20 team members to an average of 75 to 100+ on every storm job site. The team’s success and excellent reputation are the result of every dedicated team member coming together, the outstanding leadership that guides them, and the collaboration of all departments. Learn more about the team’s full range of electrical services and contact our team today to learn more about partnering with I.B. Abel on your next utility construction project.

If you are interested in signing up for our storm roster, text “abel storm” to 833-499-1027. Once subscribed, you will receive a link to complete your information.