As a multi-generational, family-owned electrical contractor, I.B. Abel uniquely understands and appreciates the value of mentorship. We know that our success has been built on over a century of experience, and our professional and results-oriented team strives to do their best work from a place of responsibility, integrity, and ownership because of the strong example set by earlier generations who generously shared their knowledge and skills.

The concept of mentorship is an integral “way of life” in the electrical construction industry. Formal apprenticeships are common experiences for those new to the trade, and this significant tradition carries immeasurable value. So much so that I.B. Abel deeply supports active mentorship for all team members beyond those required to complete apprenticeship training to establish their construction careers.

We asked team members to share about the mentors who have positively impacted their career progression. We’re proud to share their insights here, shining a light on I.B. Abel’s people-first culture dedicated to safety and quality, as well as team support to help one another learn, grow, excel, and succeed. We believe that no one is better suited than our team members to express the value of how these professional mentor relationships drive our company and industry forward.

Not Everything Can Be Learned in a Classroom

Sharing experienced insight and passing along skills from generation to generation is a significant tradition in construction, because classroom learning can only provide limited information about “real-life” situations on the job. Learning by doing alongside an experienced mentor allows new professionals to fill the gaps between what is taught in a school setting and the practical day-to-day experience of a specific career specialty.

“Mentors give the one-on-one guidance that can’t necessarily be learned in a classroom or while facing it alone in the field. Mentors are valuable to their mentees by passing on the knowledge of ‘the way it actually works,’ not just how the instructions state that it will.”

– George M., I.B. Abel A/V & Security Designer

IB Abel team on a jobsite

Additionally, mentors on the job can lead young professionals along the right path within a company, aligning best practices and professional skillsets with the core values and company mission at the heart of every task. Classroom settings build a base of knowledge in a given field, but how that field is integrated into the culture of any individual organization can vary tremendously. Without a guide, even the most talented workers can struggle to see how they “fit” within a department or larger organization. At I.B. Abel, our people are our greatest asset and helping every individual thrive in his or her role improves company morale, creates better employee experiences, and ensures greater, high-quality results for our clients.

“Mentors are very valuable! They are the people you look up to while training to become the person you aspire to be. Mentors are the reference guide to help you through learning your career. They listen and challenge you to make sure you understand what your role is and the impact your role has on the company, for the team, and for every client.”

– Rachel G., I.B. Abel Senior Project Accountant

Mentorship Instills Confidence in Early Career Professionals and So Much More

Through mentorship, individuals newer to a profession or trade gain access to the wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals who offer insights into navigating the complexities of a chosen field. This guidance helps develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, while building self-confidence in their skills and enabling them to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. Beyond this, mentors often serve as advocates, promoting their mentees’ talents and capabilities within their professional circles, which bolsters their self-esteem and sense of belonging.

A mentor can be anyone who helps identify your strengths and areas for improvement, offers valuable guidance, and pushes you to develop new skills. They can help you grow in your professional network and they have great potential to open new doors and opportunities for you through their own, already established, personal networks.

– Jordyn L., I.B. Abel Marketing Manager

Senior Project Manager Rachel G. shared that her mentor led her with a positivity that she then sought to pass along to others, ultimately strengthening the team even more. She said, “I looked up to her and saw her growth in the company and wanted to follow her in her footsteps. She was always available to me to help with questions or roadblocks. If I would make an error or run into issues, she was never negative about it. Her positivity and respect towards others have helped me in my career path today. I’ve tried to continue that positive, helpful attitude with my co-workers to help them with issues or questions when they come to me for guidance.”

“Mentors make a huge difference when you are starting your career. In my experience, my mentor taught me so much. I was able to talk to her when I had questions or wasn’t sure how to handle a certain situation. Without a mentor to lean on, I wouldn’t have grown in my career as quickly as I did.”

– Stephanie L., I.B. Abel Contract Administrator

Mentors and Mentees Make Impactful Differences Together

Learning is a two-way street when it comes to the mentor-mentee relationship. A/V & Security Designer George M. said it best about his memorable mentors, who set him up for success and refined his experience. Related to just starting out, he said “Being green as I was guaranteed many misunderstandings. They were understanding and critiqued my efforts when needed, and also helped fine-tune my experiences. Near the end, we worked as a well-oiled machine, critiquing one another to always help each other do and be better.”

Talking about her mentor, Marketing Manager Jordyn L. sums it up best, “I’m not sure if they know how much they helped me through my career in the short time we worked together, but they left a huge impact. I think we also made a huge impact at I.B. Abel with projects we implemented company-wide.” We are confident that our organization is better off because of the mentorship that is encouraged throughout the entire team.

IB Abel team collaborating in front of a wireless tower

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