Superior quality and safety, combined with efficient response times and agility to adapt to the ever-changing needs in the markets we serve, is how we deliver turnkey solutions for power utility projects of all sizes. Our utility experts are committed to thinking outside the box and adapting to market advancements to add value to large transmission rebuilds, greenfield new builds, storm restoration services, energized overhead power line maintenance, complete substation services, and more. While electrical construction projects each present a unique set of challenges, I.B. Abel’s proven performance for more than 100 years assures our clients that we will continue to provide a thoughtful approach to every task, open and honest communication, and a steadfast commitment to safety and quality excellence.

“I.B. Abel is known for creative vision and adaptability. We are not an organization that will continue going down the same path only because it’s what worked in the past. Our team has decades of field experience and we’re willing to create, innovate, and be fluid with where the market and our customers are going. We value our employees, their safety, and our cultural impact on the industry. I believe it’s this combination that sets I.B. Abel apart and ensures a collaborative work environment, from field workers to back-office support and certainly across our entire customer base.”

– Chris U., Vice President of Utility Services

Commitment to Safety

Continuous training and safety best practices are implemented at I.B. Abel to ensure safety excellence for our field teams and clients in an industry prone to change. Employees are provided with extensive training programs that teach a high level of industry skillsets and situational and cognitive risk awareness. The company’s Safety & Quality Department is dedicated to going above and beyond at all project phases as soon as the estimating phase begins and after a project is completed. From foreman-led briefings kicking off each morning to safety observation and field leadership audits, there are many critical contributors to the I.B. Abel process that keeps safety at the forefront from start to finish. You can count on our team to work safely and mitigate risks while working on all electric utility projects.

Commitment to Quality

Our team has a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality results on budget and on time. This is achieved by approaching every project with a thoughtful deep-dive strategy and using advanced technology to assist with project management and tracking earned-value for accurate billing. We identify and communicate cost saving opportunities as well as performance concerns on site, and we view every project as a partnership between us and our client. Communicating frequently about project updates, schedule progress, and ongoing tasks instills confidence in our clients and keeps them informed of project health. This approach ensures excellent quality results and the customer satisfaction we are committed to.

A Utility Construction Company with a Full Range of Electrical Services

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a family-owned electrical utility contractor with over 100 years of experience and the ability to provide a turn-key solution for our clients. Our service offerings include large transmission rebuilds, high voltage energized services, underground residential URD, overhead distribution construction, storm restoration services, wireless antenna services, and more. See our full range of services listed here or contact a member of our team to learn more about I.B. Abel’s approach to electrical design, construction, and maintenance. We are proud to be a York PA electric company that has served the electrical industry since 1913. Today, our reach spans across the entire Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. From our many longstanding client relationships to every new client, we hold high regard for the confidence each places in our team.

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