What’s a key difference that leads to I.B. Abel’s electrical designs and construction meeting and exceeding project goals and the needs of our clients? What helps power our team to deliver excellence and a best-in-class product every time, no matter the challenges we need to overcome? At I.B. Abel, our in-house engineering capabilities help drive our projects to success from the earliest stages of concept and design.

We take a look at the full scope up front and are able to customize our services to the needs of each client and project, adding value through every phase from design-assist support to comprehensive design-build services. In-house engineering, combined with our full range of capabilities in electrical construction, also gives our clients the benefit of having a single, reliable source of communication and accountability from start to finish. Our engineers invest the time into getting out in the field to see first-hand what our team is working with and what the end result must achieve. Their ability to think creatively and strategically leads to creating the best possible designs that ensure safety, deliver plans for efficient productivity, and result in the right balance of cost and high quality.

From high-voltage substation design and low-voltage building design to equipment report evaluations, testing and diagnostics, data analysis, and more, our engineers bring a diverse set of specialized experience to I.B. Abel. We value the work that they do and the difference they make in our processes and the experiences we provide. To get a better understanding of why they love the work they do and how their experiences have best prepared them to deliver excellent results for our team and clients, we’re sharing insight from two team members with a range of experience and different paths that led them to our company:

  • Peter A., Engineering Manager, joined the I.B. Abel team two years ago to lead our Engineering Department, bringing with him over 25 years of experience in the industry.
  • Nik F., Electrical Engineer, started as an intern and joined the I.B. Abel team over seven years ago, after graduating from Penn State.

Why did you pursue a career in electrical engineering?
“I knew I’d always have a job to provide for my family, my father was an electrician and encouraged me, and I really had an eye for detail. Thinking about building something and how to make pieces fit together, making sure equipment is tested properly and is compliant and safe, it all really interested me. I gravitated to heavy industrial and large power projects, and I was excited about really having to pay attention to what clients need, while looking at design and value to produce quality products.” – Peter

What can be expected when I.B. Abel engineers are on a project?
“One point of accountability with in-house engineering, in-house procurement, in-house construction, and all the commissioning. We use human performance tools and everything gets the eye of safety. We don’t just do the job – we live the job.” – Peter

“We are focused on quality results. We do a lot of investing in the latest technology and look for tools that help make us more efficient and deliver even better designs. With the modern tools that we have, our group is enabled to utilize software and prefabricate drawings prior to going out in the field. As engineers here, we’re focused on keeping designs as accurately buildable as possible, so things go smoothly in the field.” – Nik

What is your proudest professional achievement?
“It’s always hearing our customers share just how grateful they are to talk to us and have our support. But, for a specific project, it would probably be the OSS building in West York, PA. That was the biggest design to date that I’ve been a part of, and it’s rewarding to see something built entirely from the ground up through design.” – Nik

“I’ve enjoyed all of my career. Every time I drive by something and get to think that I had a hand in it and it is working! Anything you get to design or fix, you’ll always see the fruits of your labor in it. Sometimes it’s a school, a substation, a heavy commercial environment – it’s all rewarding. I really do love my job.” – Peter

What advice would you share with someone considering an engineering career?
“Get an internship while you’re in college, it’s incredibly valuable. There are so many directions you can go, even in just the power side, from working for a utility company or in an industrial setting there are lots of options. It’s important to get your feet wet. I started at I.B. Abel as an intern over seven years ago and am still learning and being mentored, but I also help mentor our interns now and it’s really cool to be able to give back in that way.” – Nik

What do you enjoy most about mentoring others on the team?
“I like seeing others learn and enjoying the various experiences that come with our jobs every day. It’s that continuation of helping others grow.” – Peter

Engineers at I.B. Abel are experienced in their craft, committed to safety, quality, and productivity in their work. Their expertise and dedication to producing turnkey solutions and exceptional designs is the key to our team’s ability to deliver excellence throughout every phase of our clients’ projects. Learn more about our engineering services and get to know who we are and the results we deliver for our clients across a range of industries throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.